Terms and conditions

- age of the customer has to be over 21
- customer has to have minimum 2 years of driving experience in the category of the rented vehicle
- in order to sign the rental contract one has to enclose ID or passport
- time of the rental has to be minimum 24 hours
- every 2 hours after the expiration of the contract will be considered as the extension onto another 24 hour rental

1. LUX rent a car Ljubuški, gives the car mentioned on the other side of the contract on time and with the conditions set forth in the lease agreement.

2. By signing this agreement the user confirms that the vehicle was taken in good condition and with a full tank of gasoline unless otherwise agreed by the contract.

3. Customer agrees to pay for petrol expended in the course of the lease.

4. Customer agrees to return the vehicle with all tires, tools, documents, standard and optional equipment with which the vehicle is being taken.

5. Customer will return the car the agreed date or earlier at the request of LUX rent a car Ljubuški. In case you want to extend the lease, the customer will ask for approval LUX rent a car Ljubuški at least 24 hours in advance and at the same time will pay an additional deposit.

6. The vehicle may be operated only by the user or the person who is in this contract as another driver, in case you have all the necessary qualifications and documents

7. The vehicle can not be used:
- paid for the transport of goods and passengers
- for towing other vehicles
- for sports competitions
- if the user is under the influence of alcohol and / or drug
- is overloaded, or if it contains more passengers than is allowed by law for a specific model
- to transport animals, easily inflammable and explosive materials, materials with a strong and unpleasant odor, and bulk materials, which can damage the vehicle.

8. Customer may not assign its rights hereunder nor sell (alienate) the vehicle and the individual components of the vehicle.

9. If a user exceeds the agreed time of the vehicle without prior consent LUX rent a car Ljubuški, the vehicle will be viewed as stolen, which will Premiera car doo Èapljina inform the police authorities. In this case, the user will bear the full financial and moral responsibility.

10. User agrees that during the term of the lease to take care of the technical condition of the vehicle, it will be checked regularly for hlađanje fluid, oil, tire pressure, and that it will apply the necessary changes. Costs which may be related to these actions, they may be recognized by the user prior consent LUX rent a car Ljubuški and the accompanying bills. Customer is responsible for all damages that are caused by improper maintenance.

11. Customer is responsible for damage to the vehicle caused by improper use of the vehicle (use of vehicles off roads and the like), whether paid by deduction or not. The user will be charged for the cost of towing the vehicle, the cost of the impairment and loss of revenue on this basis during the repair. The user will also bear the cost of that LUX rent a car Ljubuški may have against third parties, which are caused by improper use of the vehicle by the user.

12. Customer is responsible for damage to the vehicle during the term of the lease, which prourokuje user or a third party, in the event that the user when renting gave false information about themselves, their address or driver's documents.

13. User agrees that at the time not to use a vehicle required to lock the car and the keys and documents of the vehicle to take with you. Upon completion of the rental customer is obliged to return the keys and documents, or compensate for their loss.

14. User releases LUX rent a car Ljubuški, any liability for theft, damage and loss of property that was taken in the vehicle at the time of the lease and return of the vehicle from the lease. User agrees not to charge the LUX rent a car Ljubuški of theft and loss of property.

15. Customer will bear the cost of mechanical failure of the vehicle if it is taken to the extent that such failures do not occur.

16. During the term of the lease, the customer will bear the cost of garaging, parking, fines for traffic violations and other charges which are not regular.

17. LUX rent a car Ljubuški not responsible for any consequences caused by the failure of the vehicle during the rental period.

18. In case of damage to seals, failure kilometer reading or vehicle user is required to stop driving by notice LUX rent a car Ljubuški of whom will receive instructions for further proceedings.

19. Customer agrees that all costs under this contract to pay the statutory deadline.

20. The vehicle was secured on the basis of hull motor and automobile liability insurance.

21. User agrees that in the event of an accident-an accident to protect the interests LUX rent a car Ljubuški by the:
- record the name and address of the parties and witnesses
- secure or remove the vehicle to a safe location before leaving
- inform LUX rent a car Ljubuški of the incident and submit a written report about the damage
- call the police and wait for the authorities to examine
If the user fails to carry out these measures will be responsible for all the consequences and damage LUX rent a car Ljubuški may have about it.

22. Changes to the terms and provisions of the contract are possible only with the written consent of both parties.

23. In the event of a dispute under this Agreement shall be competent Municipal Court in Ljubuški.