Make your reservation
*In order to make online reservation credit card is requested

Price of the lease includes:
- 1 day lease (24 hours)
- allowed mileage 300 km per day
- damage and theft insurance
- full fuel tank

To rent a car you need:
- age of the driver over 21
- drivers license valid more then 2 years
- credit card

Rent a car LUX has a great selection of vehicles to offer with a goal to provide their customers great experience, efficient and quick rental,experienced stuff always at your service and of course, impeccable vehicles!

A few tips for your safe drive:

- driving with lights on during the day is compulsory in Bosna and Hercegovina as well as it is in most European countries. Using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited

- seat belts are also compulsory for drivers as well as for the passengers

- speed limit through the settlement is 50 km /h ( unless it is defined different on the traffic sign ) outside the settlement on the open road speed limit is 90 km/h and on the high way it is 130km/h

Upper limit for the mileage on the rented vehicle is 300 km per day. In the case of an accident or if the car breaks down, just call us and we will provide you a new car within 12 hours.